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I suffered from myasthenia gravis for many years. It affects muscle strength, causing eye lid drop.

There was a Thymoma at my thorax. I was hospitalized several times during which I repeatedly collapsed and was sent to ICU.

I needed nasal feed and breathing machine. I was in constant fear.

After the prayers, a miracle happened. I recovered, and I’m totally healed today.

多年前我被診断重症肌無力 病,此症是源於自身免疫 糸統失調,令到肌肉無力。   我的眼皮下垂,胸腺有腫瘤,我多次出入医院,期間昏迷数次,被送往深切治療部,我有需鼻飼,靠機器協助呼吸,我整天在恐懼中,不断呼叫。此時普世教會的牧師及病人関懷小組經常來探訪,開解及慰問,替我祈祷,使我早日康復,我相信除藥物外,這一切对我是有效的。                                  

Dora Pang

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