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Chain of Prayer

At the UCKG, we believe that it is important to display a strong faith in God; this is the reason behind our Chain of Prayer purpose. The purpose consists of people attending a prayer meeting for five uninterrupted weeks. The meeting is designed to help people achieve a positive life transformation by using their faith.

Those who are in need of spiritual healing, or who are waiting for a financial breakthrough, or who require spiritual freedom, are more than welcome to participate. Engaging yourself in a Chain of Prayer will help you develop the faith and determination required to overcome your problems.

Do you have a problem that does not seem to go away? Do you need a door to open in your life? Do you desire to get your health back? Or maybe you just want peace. No matter what your needs may be – The Chain of Prayer is for you.

However, before you start, you will need to pinpoint the biggest problems or obstacles in your life—this is what you will fight for, and focus on, one problem at a time. The day where most of your problems fall under, will be the main day for your prayer.

In addition to the main day, participants will need to attend the Wednesday and Sunday morning services. During these services, you will receive steps, practical guidance, and encouragement to help you continue the fight until you see a change in your life, because as humans, we have a tendency to give up when we do not see immediate results.

For this reason, each week, the participants will receive one of five stickers to place on their card. By the fifth week, the stickers should spell out the name of Jesus – the One who is walking with you each day of your battle.

So have you had ENOUGH of suffering? Do you want to ACHIEVE what you are capable of? If so, start your Chain of Prayer at your nearest UCKG this week!

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